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When Can You Evict A Tenant?

As the landlord of a multifamily building you let your residential units or apartments for rent to different persons based on a rental agreement. The tenancy runs based on this document and as long as the tenant conducts himself as per the rental agreement you cannot legally evict him. But there are circumstances when you can evict a tenant and they are as follows:

  1. For illegal use of a property that is for conducting any illegal activities in the rented property, or violating the zoning regulations and using the residential building to conduct any business
  2. For health or safety violations with due notice to the tenant
  3. When you are withdrawing your property out of the rental and for this you need to issue a notice to the tenants in advance and the eviction can be done after the expiry of their current rental agreements
  4. When you need the rented unit for your own use or for the use of one of your immediate relatives
  5. For violating the rental condition and their refusal to pay rent as per the agreement or not agreeing to pay the rental increase.

Each state their own law relating to the tenant evictions and they must be followed in all cases before the tenant can be evicted legally from your apartment.

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