Leveraging insightful guidance to simplify the real estate journey for his clients, Cordell Davenport adds long-term value to each and every commercial transaction. With integrity and confidence a part of his DNA, he is able to translate dreams into realities and drive intuitive, meaningful outcomes that go beyond expectations.

Whether it’s helping families reach their personal goals of owning apartments or investors who’d like to use the income to cover their living expenses or thoughtful parents looking to expand their real estate portfolio to provide funds for their children’s college, he enjoys providing the essential resources to help them make wise, informed decisions. 

Personable, caring, and respectful, Cordell is forever going above and beyond to give progress a permanent home and is unwavering in his commitment to help clients find their ideal properties while also protecting their assets, wealth, and interests. By liberating his clientele from the confusion of the Bay Area’s ever-evolving and highly dynamic market, he acts as a trusted advisor and collaborative partner armed with a unique ability to cut through the noise. When he isn’t actively energizing real estate portfolios, he enjoys playing dominoes, watching basketball and traveling with his wife to Mexico and staying at all inclusive resorts.  


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