Why Cordell

I realize that there are thousands of Real Estate Agents in the Bay Area.  If you were analyzing all the content, I have on this website you will see how I am different.  Please go ahead and explore.  I believe in being focused.  Having a lane and staying in that lane. 

  • If you had heart problems, you would not go to any Doctor, you would go to a Cardiologist.
  • If you had a need to protect your assets and set up the future for your family, you would not go to any attorney, you would go to an Estate Planning Attorney.

So, if you have a need to buy/sell small apartments that are 5-50 units, you will not just go to any Real Estate Agent.  Rather, it is best to go with someone that is focused on that.  If this, is you, I am your guy!  I go a 1 inch wide and 1 mile deep in the world of small apartments.  My sandbox, I play in is in buying/selling small apartments that are 5-50 units in Alameda County.  I was born and raised here and even graduated from Cal State East Bay. 

Some of the other things that separate me from Real Estate Agents is:

  1. I have published two books on self-improvement.
  2. I have created a mobile app that does inspections (that is Trade Marked). The app does move in/out, exterior preventative maintenance, and tenant maintenance request.
  3. I have taken courses for Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM).
  4. I have read over 70 books on real estate, and I listen to an average of 4 multi family specific podcasts each week.
  5. I can help you perform lease/contract audits when buying new apartments.
  6. I have trained health care software to over 2,000 medical staff at over 20 hospitals, so that means I am above average when it comes to public speaking. I can take complex concepts and teach them to others, and I understand the dilemma of what high paying professionals go through of getting paid well, but they have to continually work to produce the income and get taxed the most at that!
  7. I know how to determine the value of apartments (and how to increase the Net Operating Income).
  8. I am credential by the National Apartment Association as an Independent Rental Owner (IRO).
  9. I am knowledgeable on financing and managing apartments.
  10. I have a company that does tenant move in/out cleaning for apartments.
  11. I have a Podcast and YouTube Channel called “Small Apartment Investors.”
  12. I have my own Meet Up Group in the East Bay called, “Small Apartment Investors.”
  13. I am a “Crypto Certified Agent.” Possessing, knowledge on crypto, blockchain, digital wallets, and tokenization.

I have aligned myself with a credible forward thinking real estate brokerage…Sequoia Real Estate.  

Please visit https://www.sq-commercial.com/

Cordell Davenport

Sequoia Commercial Group

DRE: 02080033




Below are two different videos I made.  Check them out so you can gauge my personality, character, and competency.   

Cordell's Intentions

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