Who Is Cordell?


Clarity: He has personal goal of owning a portfolio small apartments himself.  By helping others be successful, he at the same time will benefit from the experience and relationships.  To further this vision he is the founder of Small Apartment Investors www.SmallApartmentInvestors.com

Confidence: He grew up playing basketball and was able to obtain a basketball scholarship in college.  Confidence is not everything, but there is just nothing without it. Those confidence reactors pop up every day in his life and are second nature. 

Concentration: In the past Cordell attempted various entrepreneurial pursuits.   From clothing business, motivational speaker, traveling websites, flower business and many more…he realized when you chase two rabbits at the same time, they both get away.  So he turned all of his energy, ideas, and focus on real estate. 

Competence: He is an avid reader on multifamily investing and development.  He has read over 50   books (and counting) on commercial real estate.  He can’t get enough of learning and growing.  He has attended real estate development workshops, taken courses for Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM), has his California real estate license, has a BS of Business Administration with an Option in Marketing Management from Cal State East Bay.   For 13 years he has trained Health Care Software to over one thousand medical staff at over 20 hospitals in California. 

Committed: What really got him to go all in with real estate, is when he heard the true story on an inmate that was in jail for robbing banks.  He was interviewed to why he robbed banks, the prisoner said, “That is where the money is!”  He realized that all of his entrepreneurial efforts weren’t meeting his satisfaction and that real money is in real estate. 

 Email: Cordell@SmallApartmentInvestors.com

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