Who Is On The Team?

Wilfredo Melendez (Operations)

Wilfredo Melendez is the founder of third-party asset management company, LSB Property Services and i10 Capital Group LLC. Wilfredo utilizes his expertise as a third-generation property manager, general contractor combined with his union delegate experience to achieve satisfaction for investor clients.

Wilfredo is fortunate to have a skilled team of experienced and dedicated professionals who successfully drive LSB and i10 to provide a high quality of service through continuous improvement. A recent partnership with i10 Capital and Latter Financial Group has propelled efforts to further seize opportunities. Currently managing capital expenditure projects within multiple sites, holding 500 units, Wilfredo looks forward to bringing the resources needed to create win-win solutions.

Wilfredo attended Peirce College in Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia where he studied corporate law and accounting. Wilfredo refers himself as a simple man who values time spent with family, traveling, cooking, riding his Harley Davidson and exploring his creativity with photography and aerial videography.

Wilfredo prides himself focusing on technologically enhanced, socially impactful, community driven investments, which would be the core foundation for all of our mergers and acquisitions.


Cordell Davenport (Acquisitions)

Leveraging insightful guidance to simplify the real estate journey Cordell Davenport adds long-term value.
He is an advocate of personal growth. He has written multiple books on self-improvement and has given multiple speeches.

As a licensed real estate agent in California, he constantly reads books and listens to podcasts on multifamily.
By having taken courses with CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member), having taken many courses from successful commercial real estate professionals and being credentialed by the National Apartment Association as an Independent Rental Owner (IRO), he is very familiar with the process of buying, managing and selling apartments.

With integrity and confidence a part of his DNA, he is able to translate dreams into realities and drive intuitive, meaningful outcomes that go beyond expectations. Because he has worked in health care as a software trainer (for 15 + years) to over 2,000 medical staff at over 20 hospitals, he excels at public speaking and can take complex concepts and teach them to others. Through his website and Youttube channel www.SmallApartmentInvestors.com he continues to teach what he knows.

Whether it’s helping families reach their personal goals of owning apartments or investors who’d like to use the income to cover their living expenses or thoughtful parents looking to expand their real estate portfolio to provide funds for their children’s college, he enjoys providing the essential resources to help them make wise, informed decisions.

Personable, caring, and respectful, Cordell is forever going above and beyond to give progress a permanent home and is unwavering in his commitment to help clients find their ideal properties while also protecting their assets, wealth, and interests. By liberating his clientele from the confusion of the Bay Area’s ever-evolving and highly dynamic market, he acts as a trusted advisor and collaborative partner armed with a unique ability to cut through the noise.

When he isn’t actively energizing real estate portfolios, he enjoys teeing off at the golf course, watching basketball, playing dominoes and traveling with his Wife.  He holds a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. 


David Monroe, CCIM (Advisor)

David Monroe, CCIM is a multifamily investor and Strategic Partner and specializes in market analysis,
demand/supply analysis, market cycles, feasibility analysis, and teaches that specialty as a CCIM
Instructor. David has the unique ability to connect syndicators, sponsors, key principals, and investors
together to get deals closed.

David was a United States Marine for 11yrs 4mos and 16 days…but who’s counting. They instilled into
his core values; honor, loyalty, and integrity.

His passion and focus is to build strategic partnerships with syndicators, sponsors, and key principals and
invest passively to build wealth for his family legacy.

David also owns the Strategic Partnering Community where he provides education, mentoring, and
coaching to new and struggling multifamily investors.

If you have been struggling to find the right education, mentoring, or coaching, please schedule a
conversation with David at… https://multifamily.davidmonroeccim.com/strategy-session-appointment



Eric Upchurch (Advisor) 

Eric is an Army Special Operations veteran who grew up in Central Iowa before attending college in California. While serving, Eric deployed to combat five times and completed a Masters Degree in Aeronautical Science. He has a passion for educating the military community on how to create long term wealth through real estate investing, while personally investing across the country for the last sixteen years. Eric serves as Co-Founder of Active Duty Passive Income (ADPI) and is a Senior Managing Partner with ADPI Capital.

Eric’s Portfolio and Related Experience:

  • Has invested as a General Partner on 1839 doors
  • Limited Partner experience on 1014 doors
  • Involvement in over $66M in commercial assets with experience in sourcing, due diligence, capital raise, risk capital, investor relations, asset management, and as a Guarantor/Key Principal
  • Co-authored Amazon #1 bestselling book, Military House Hacking
  • Accredited Investor
  • Certified High Performance Coach

Other Related Experience: private lending, tax liens, self-directed IRAs, buy and hold rentals, residential construction, single family flips, live-in flips, small multifamily properties and storage units.