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A young boy and his father were walking along a forest road.  At some point, they came across a large tree branch found in front of them.  The boy asked his father, “If I try, do you think I could move that branch?”  His father replied, “I am sure you can, if you use all your strength.”  The boy tried his best to lift or push the branch, but he was not strong enough and he couldn’t move it.  He said, with disappointment, “You were wrong, I can’t move it dad.”

“Try again,” replied his father.
Again, the boy tried hard to push the branch.  He struggled but it did not move.
“Dad, I can’t do it,” said the boy.
Finally his father said, “Son, I advised you to use all your strength.   You didn’t.  You didn’t ask for any help.”

If you manage a small apartment building that is less than 50 units, then this message is for you.  In the story I just expressed, the boy didn’t ask for help.  He tried to do everything on his own.  When it comes to smart business moves, the wise seeks help by using technology to create leverage to be better organized and to free up time.

  • Do you wish you could push a button and get rid of needy maintenance requests from tenants?
  • Have you ever wanted to have a way to spot trends that impact Net Operating Income?
  • Who can you delegate tasks to stay on top of the property’s physical condition?
  • Why do you want to optimize your move in/out process?
  • What do you do when you need to reduce resident dispute time and charge disputes?

My name is Cordell Davenport and I have gone 1 inch wide and 1 mile deep to understand the needs of small apartment owners.  I have my real estate license in California.  I am also credential by the National Apartment Association as an Independent Rental Owner (IRO).

In the past I worked for a commercial mortgage company, my niche was in small apartments.  I also worked as a real estate sales agent, my niche was in apartments.  I have taken real estate development workshops.  Attend apartment investing conferences.  I have taken a couple of courses for Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM).  I continually read books related to real estate and business.

I also have BS of Business Administration with an Option in Marketing Management.

To further exhibit my focus on Small Apartments, you should visit my website

Resource To Develop Mindset and Skills To Own Small Apartments!

Throughout my learning and listening…I have come to the realization that the small mom and pop owners are treated like a runt in a puppies litter, they don’t get any attention.  The bigger properties always have products and services that are developed, to cater their needs.  Small Apartments are often neglected from, systems, technology and checklists.  If they do get some resources it is overkill.  They have to invest in what the bigger apartments use although they don’t have the same needs.

It is like Small Apartments, have a need of just using a screwdriver, but the Bigger Apartment providers are selling a tool box, with saws, wrenches and ladders.  Small Apartments are like, Hey, what am I supposed to do with this?

No one likes to pay for something they don’t use or need.  A person should be given choices that fit their needs.

I often listen to Podcasts, and Web Conferences that are in the apartment industry.  One time while being in on a live webinar, I was listening to a panel of people discuss property management topics on Amazon deliveries.  I was not allowed to talk, but I was able to virtually ask my question.  So I typed in my question to the panel, “I see the benefit of using the technology that is for bigger properties, but what about the small apartment owner who has 25 units?”  They said, “Unfortunately, this is not for small apartments.”

During this whole process, I thought to myself that is not right.  I started to think about what else is it that the Small Apartment Owners are missing out on.

I came across this pie graph on expenses that typically occur for apartment owners.

Now I don’t know what size of apartments this is for, but it got me thinking.  Out of that diagram, I told myself, I think I can find some solutions for small apartment owners based around repair and maintenance.

After seeing this graph, I started doing further research.  I realized that inspections and maintenance was an ongoing problem for many.

This is because of multiple reasons.

  • Unreliable contractors
  • No technology implemented to leverage time
  • No preventative maintenance checklist
  • No systems to follow

Before I discovered how to help Small Apartments Owners/Managers with Inspections and Maintenance, I never gave this issue much thought.

I suspected Owners/Managers wanted to save on time and save money during Unit Turns, but I didn’t know, a lot of them used paper for this.

I had this nagging feeling that if this was on paper what else was done on paper.  I knew a lot of owners/managers collect rent digitally, some even have online leases.  But I thought about the operations of the property?  I bet they are not using technology for that because like I said, products and services that come out are for the “Big Dogs” Big 100 unit properties…but for “Runts” Small Apartments 50 units and less there was slim to no options.

It is a no brainer that everyone has a mobile phone on them.  We all use this computer in our hand to perform a variety of tasks that were unfathomable 10 years ago.  This trend is going to increase.

So considering mobile phones and property management.  Consider this graph by

Did you notice that the 3rd and 4th common activities are on Maintenance and Inspections?

Did you know the number one reason tenants sue their landlord?  I will tell you, SECURITY DEPOSITS!

In a few minutes I am going to reveal to you how to, “Reduce resident dispute time and charge disputes.”

You’re going to discover why being prepared with technology benefits you and the tenants.

Finally, I will show you how to get repairs approved more quickly and avoid making multiple trips to and from the maintenance shop because all the information you need to turn in the unit is immediately accessible to relevant staff.

But if you thought getting sued by a tenant was bad for a security deposit, think about if there was physical damage and neglect to fix something on your property and instead of 1 lawsuit, you have multiple people making a class action lawsuit of 15 people because people got injured because of found negligence?

There are two quotes I want to tell you about:

  1. Inspect what you expect.
  2. What gets measured gets done.

To help you be prepared, I have created a mobile app that does maintenance and inspections.  It is called…

“Find evidence. Document facts.”

Earlier I mentioned that, I have been in the trenches with Small Apartments.  It just makes total sense for me to create a product that is for my niche.

Just because you operate small doesn’t mean you have to think small.

In my research I have discovered there is property management software that offers mobile apps, but to get it you have to invest in its entire product.  It is a buffet of tools and features.

Do you need this…

Or do you just need a Phillips and Flathead Screwdriver on your cell phone?

You should only pay for what you use and most importantly what you need.  If you need the “figurative screwdriver for maintenance and inspections” you need to consider what I am offering… a mobile app that is ONLY FOR SMALL APARTMENT OWNERS/MANAGERS, THAT ONLY DOES INSPECTIONS AND MAINTENANCE.
How much easier will it be if you could, or if you delegated someone to perform this on their cell phone?
  1. Optimize move in/out checklists.
  2. Make prompt repairs and security deposit refunds.
  3. Record charges to tenants.
  4. Collect more damage charges from tenants.
  5. Send instant reports with time stamped photos of the damages to Owner/Manager.
  6. Email tenants the Move In/Out form they agree with by having their electronic signature.
  7. Standardized unit and property data to document conditions.
  8. Speed up unit turn.
  9. Save on unit turn.
  10. Provide security deposit refunds quicker to tenants.
  11. Assign per item repair/replacement costs associated with each item.
  12. Takes pictures with tenant and management signatures of approval that is time stamped. This reduces debate on any issues.
  13. Having comparison reports with photographic evidence enables you and your managers to easily compare unit conditions that move in to those that move out.
  14. Have 100% offline functionality that allows management to perform inspections without access to cellular data or Wi-Fi.
  15. All data is backed up in the cloud and is accessible 24/7.
  16. Get final account statements to residents properly after moving out, so residents know what they’re being charged and why.
  17. Create before and after comparisons.
  18. Have tenants send requests from their cell phone that they can use to take pictures and they document it is ok to enter their unit to fix.  All of that goes into the cloud.  You access the request through your phone or laptop and then assign the task to your handyman.  The handyman is notified.  They enter the unit, look at their phone for the description, they take a before picture and when they finish they take an after picture.  All that data is sent to the cloud for easy access.  If there are other repairs and costs needed, this is documented in the App too.
  19. Transform turns into a more coordinated and organized process.
  20. Have checklists for preventative maintenance along with ability to take pictures of problems and have it all stored digitally.
  21. Monitor turn operations in real time and significantly improve your turn efficiency.
  22. Comparison reports with side-by-side photo evidence drastically reducing the number of disputes.

To develop the app, I went out on a hunt to find someone that can custom make me a mobile app.  After interviewing multiple companies, I found a reliable source.  The only downside is that they are out of India, and our video conference meetings had to be done at 6:30 am because of the time difference.

Many emails back and forth, skype meetings, PDF documents approvals etc.  I had to say this is my vision.  This is what I want.  Now please make it for me.  Thousands and thousands of dollars were spent to make this happen.  It took them a total of 312 hours to complete it.

For the content of what actually goes into the app, it took a long time to gather all the data.  I had to build Frankenstein, with picking and pulling material from a variety, videos, books and presentations and then funneled out the stuff to make it compatible with Small Apartments.

I believe in the potential of Small Apartment Inspector so much that I even got Small Apartment Inspector trademarked.

But it is worth it.  Even if no one buys my product, I will use it to optimize my future portfolio of small apartments.  Using the app makes inspections and maintenance requests and service so much easier and efficient.

They provided me with a checklist of to do items.  Everything was documented and tested.  Here is a sample of the roadmap.  There were tons of back and forth meetings and emails to get this done!

Know this…

The benefit of the Small Apartment Inspector App is that it provides you with “evidence” to find and document the facts.  

The app comes with the following inspections:

  • Building exterior checklist
  • Preventative maintenance checklist
  • Preventative maintenance questionnaire
  • Tenant move in/out checklist/report
  • Make unit ready checklist
  • Yearly unit inspection checklist

I am glad I didn’t give up in pushing this.  Initially when I started this project it was before COVID.  I am not going to lie, I got discouraged and wondered if people would invest in my app, because their focus was/is on people paying rent.  I didn’t care, I told myself, I got to try anyway!

I am a big believer in self improvement (I actually self published two self improvement books).  One of my favorite quotes is, “You can’t score if you don’t shoot.”

If all Small Apartment Inspector did was allow you to avoid 1 lawsuit from a problem tenant would it be worth it if you had to pay $500?

If all Small Apartment Inspector did was keep you more organized, thus saving you time, to request, receive, and have backed up photos to match, would it be worth it to know what you truly are paying for?

I am not going to charge you $500.

To make it simple I am going to give you a simple no brainer option.

Once again, my niche is Small Apartment Owners/Managers.  All I have is the figurative screwdriver.  I am all about simplicity.  To keep easy for a 5 year old to understand, here is the price.

1 property = $9.99 a month

Each user added to that property (owner, handyman, property manager etc) = $4.99 a month

Yes I know, that is cheaper than a large pizza.

You can cancel anytime you want.

So click on the button below right now and you’ll be taken to a secure order form.  After you put in your credit card info, you’ll be taken to a secure member’s area where you will get access to the app and your bonuses.

Start today, and get rid of paper and get Small Apartment Inspector (Find evidence. Document facts.)

The app is simple to follow.  Here is the explainer video to show how.

Try it out for free.  You have 21 days to see if you like it.

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Once You Sign Up You Will Get An Email With Instructions.

I will also give you a guarantee that after using the product for 3 months and you don’t find any value in it, I will give you 100% refund of what you have paid no questions asked.  Just drop an email, saying simply, “I want a refund.”  I will not ask you to fill out a survey on the reason.  If you want to tell me the reason of course I would love constructive feedback.   I want to make it easy for you.

Be prepared. Use Small Apartment Inspector Mobile App to create leverage.  Leverage your time and resources for inspections and maintenance.  Protect yourself from lawsuits.  Be more organized. Reduce the chances of you getting sucker punched by expenses that come out of nowhere.

The benefit of Small Apartment Inspector is that it provides you with “evidence” to find and document the facts.

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