What Does This Image Have To Do With You Effectively Managing Small Apartments?

Effectively Managing Small Apartments

I am going to show you but first let me ask you a couple of questions:

  1. How much time does it take for you to turn an empty unit for a new tenant?
  2. Why is it difficult to find a reliable maintenance/cleaning crew?

When you manage an apartment building, your goal is to maximize the Net Operating Income. There are multiple ways to do that.  As with anything in life, it is important to focus on what you can control.

  • You can’t control if tenants pay late.  But, you can control giving the late fees.
  • You can’t control  neighborhood crime.  But, you can control your premises by having gates, bright lights, cameras etc.
  • You can’t control something that is broken in the unit and the tenant needs maintenance to fix it.  But, can control how quick, and efficiently you handle the request.
  • You can’t control how a tenant cleans the inside of their unit.  But, you can control how clean the unit is when the tenant moves out and how clean the parking lot is.
  • You can’t do all tasks when it comes to managing small apartments.  But, you can create leverage when you delegate and use technology.

Owning/managing apartments is a business and real estate is a team sport.  The people who rent from you, should not be viewed as “tenants.” They should be viewed as guests, or customers.

According to J Turner Research’s survey of 39,000 residents nationwide, tenants are willing to renew their lease if their satisfaction rating was above 8.14 on a 10-point scale. Those who said no to renewing their lease were 35% lower on their rating.

Why are renters unhappy and soon to be vacating? Here’s the top 7 reasons they discovered:

  1. Renters don’t see added value after their rent is increased
  2. Their loyalty isn’t rewarded
  3. They view extra fees as bogus and unwarranted
  4. Lack of lease renewal information from landlord or property manager
  5. Unfulfilled maintenance requests
  6. Unclean and poorly maintained buildings or property
  7. Rude, indifferent landlords and property management staff

My name is Cordell Davenport and I have made it a mission to learn about the variety of needs that people have who own/manage apartments 5-50 units.

Typically when apartments are 75 units and up the property can afford to have full time maintenance and leasing personnel. If you own 5-15 units, you have to get creative on filling this gap because in California it is not a requirement to have onsite management.

For me, because of my website www.SmallApartmentInvestors.com I have a lot of contacts/resources to help.  I have developed my own team of cleaning staff that I can deploy to your property in the East Bay.  They are already experienced, willing and able to go to work.

I like keeping things simple.  That is why I am offering flat rate cleaning pricing for unit turns.  The price is based upon how many apartments there are in the unit. 

This is how it will work.  

  1. We will set up pricing so there are no surprises and you will know exactly before we start what the rates will be.
  2. When you have a need for cleaning, you will fill out an online form at the bottom of this page with your cleaning requests.
  3. We will get the info and assign our team to work on the task(s).
  4. Either you will meet my crew at your property to let them in to do the work, or you will provide me with the master key.  If I have the key, my crew will come to me that day to pick up the key and return the key after.
  5. They will take before and after photos (and sometimes videos ).
  6. They will document findings/notes.
  7. I will establish a private website that only you and I can access.  There I will upload all the work that is done.  From there you can keep it or download and put into a separate filing system you have.   
  8. We can set up an ongoing system of weekly, monthly quarterly or just as needed. 
  9. I will then submit an electronic invoice for payment.
  10. You will pay my company for our services.

Now here is the thing.  Our team only works in selected cities in the East Bay. We only work on apartments that are 5-50 units. 

Here are the cities we provide our services:

  • Oakland
  • Alameda
  • Berkeley
  • San Leandro
  • Hayward
  • San Lorenzo
  • Castro Valley


If you would like to know more about our pricing, contact me!

Cordell Davenport



Remember the opening image of pancake mix….and “just add water.”  Well, as the saying goes “easy-peasy.”  Just adding water brings convenience.  Small Apartment Care makes delegating and designing out small apartment cleaning easy.   Order tasks online and get reports back to you online.  We will add water to your cleaning needs…and we will deliver this to you!