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Self Talk will destroy you or propel you in your Small Apartment endeavors.

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Self Talk will destroy you or propel you in your Small Apartment endeavors.

Back at it. Cordell, Davenport, small apartment investors.com. Still on the journey talking about mindset. Go to the website small apartment investors.com pick up your free report, have your family live in expenses covered by small apartments you own so 38 page document. That has some gold in it. And. Once again mindset plus skill set plus performance equals results.

Going to focus on mindset later as I mentioned after I get through with these mindset I recording so I’m going to introduce. Professionals that talks about skillset. And now after you learned a mindset, hopefully not just for me, but you get it from a variety of people. I know I did.

You get that skill set under your belt not a performance up to you. I could pass you the ball but I can’t make you shoot. And I mentioned earlier about thoughts and how it’s so key. And it’s very true and I’m going to stick with thoughts of talking about thoughts.

And there are things that you need to consider about thoughts. And that is like how you think is how you act. And you can determine how you act sometimes by using self-talk. What do you say to yourself? So talk can be done out loud. Or it can be done silently.

And we talk to ourselves constantly. Throughout the day. Now there are types of successful self-taught them their self-delimitating self-talk. That’s the starting gate really to success is learning how you talk to yourself it’s how you explain events that happen in your life how you direct yourself what you tell the brain most it will accept that’s true.

Now no one’s in charge of your happiness except for you realize that all your habits are learned and that’s your past thoughts your past self-talk will influence your future some explanations we give ourselves our positive their empowering others, they give us anger, they feed our frustration at least a depression despair, but most people don’t stop and think about how they talk to themselves.

If you listen to yourself talk, you can then change that talk as necessary to help you change help you improve your behavior your results accomplish your goals. And form new beliefs if you need that self-talk is a song that’s burnt into your mind. Now you hit the play button when something happens and stored by paying attention to what’s going on in your head, you’ll be able to decide for the thoughts and then sing a new song that gives you different thoughts.

When you repeat a mistake. It’s time to mistake a decision. So when you say to yourself any of the following things. Of this negative type of self-talk, like I have to I should I need to I’m trying to keep what you really want. You have to change it. Change yourself talk.

I choose to I will. I must I am. That’s how. Self-taught. Now. That little book was not the book the little trained a little engine that could Google that story. Where he goes trying to go up the mountain. I think I think he’s talking to himself. So just be aware what you say to yourself.

As you live your life. In our those self-talk. Affirmations helping you or they hurt you. Now, go get it. See you later.

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