• Another important component of a resident retention program is an established move-in policy. This is especially important if a number of moves occur in the same building on the same day. A smooth move-in procedure will create a good impression for new residents and guarantee fewer management problems later. Keep the following tips in mind:
  • Require new residents to let you know the date and approximate time of move-in so that you can be on hand to welcome them and coordinate elevator use if applicable
  • Be present at move-in to give whatever assistance is needed, explain procedures and answers questions, arrange for a tour of premises, make not of any necessary adjustments or shortcomings, and explain how and when corrections will be made. For markets in which English is commonly a second language, consider hiring a translator to assist you with communications during move-in
  • Use checklist before the move-in itself to keep track of last-minute items. The apartment should be given a final inspection—- the temperature should be set to a comfortable level, all keys should be ready, the resident’s name should be on the mailbox, and the storage locker or facility should be clean and secured
    • Key or access codes
    • Mail delivery
    • Parking
    • Maintenance
    • Utilities
    • Waste disposal
    • Emergency/ evacuation procedures
    • Building rules and regulations
    • 24 hour emergency maintenance stipulation
    • Owner’s and resident’s responsibilities
    • Rent collection policies
    • Bingo or game nights
    • Art displays
    • Periodic windshield cleanings, car washes, and wiper fluid refills
    • Anniversary gifts
    • Flowers and card
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January 19, 2021

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