Ensuring Work Quality

Below are specific suggestions for checking the quality of contractor’s work:

  • Walk the property and discuss problem area with contractors who will provide services on a consistent basis, such as security, landscaping, etc., at least two weeks before they start. This will familiarize them with situation and prevent future problem.
  • Ask that the contractor’s workers are not talk to residents about their work or about the facility.
  • Conduct inspections as often as necessary to ensure that the contractor is performing work to bid specifications. Ask the contractor for a specific schedule of work progress to facilitate planning their inspection
  • Require lien releases (refer to figure 4-3) from all the contractors and suppliers and have them provide all sign-offs from the city. Both partial and full waivers should be used. At each draw or payment, a partial waiver of lien must be obtained from the contractor to be sure that all material/suppliers are paid to date. A full unconditional waiver is obtained at the final payment (usually the retention payment) in which the contractor verifies that all parties are paid in full.
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January 19, 2021

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