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  • Office hours for accepting requests
  • Availability of service at night, during weekends and on holidays
  • Emergency telephone numbers to call when the site office is closed
  • Indicate what constitute an emergency request versus a standard maintenance request
  • Define circumstances in which residents should call the emergency number
  • Documentation procedures
  • Instruct residents to make requests using the standard service request form available online or in the management office
  • Residents should not report situations to maintenance technicians, and all requests should be thorough to assist maintenance staff in addressing the situation effectively
  • Guideline for billing residents for damage
  • Communication process
  • Define standard response time
  • Ensure compliance with permission to enter (PTE) laws.
  • Resident retention consideration
  • Provide instructions for common service requests
  • Follow-up to determine satisfaction and inquire about additional needs
  • Personalizing the maintenance team with cards identifying the name of the team member who completed the work
Posted by ralph
January 19, 2021

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