• Detailed description of the work expected, its duration, and the timing of its performance and completion (include start and end time each day)
  • Description of the preparation of work (e.g. demolition and removal of old materials)
  • Requirement for contractor to clean up the site when all work is completed
  • Details about ownership, removal, and disposal of old material
  • Type of equipment to be used (and who provides it)
  • Building standard specifications (e.g., same ceiling grid, lock set, door type)
  • Applicable OSHA requirements
  • Explanation of how repairs and/or replacements will be made should additional problems occur during contracted work
  • Required licenses, permits, and insurance as well as the person responsible for obtaining them
  • Terms of payment, including submission, lien releases, permits, retention, etc.
  • Maximum amount the work can cost (i.e., a “cap”)
  • Behavior of contract workers and the safety equipment required
  • Hour work is permitted on-site, including the days of the week
  • Requirements for listing an additional insured
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January 19, 2021

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