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  • Discriminatory activities against one or more of the protected classes include:
  • Refusal to rent
  • Refusal to negotiate rental
  • Advertising indicating discriminatory preference or limitation through language or the use of locations, logos, or human models
  • Selective use of media (e.g., advertising only in newspapers/online communities whose readership is predominately white)
  • Refusal to show available units
  • Refusal to supply rental information, such as rental rates
  • Imposition of different rental charges, security deposits, or different rental terms or conditions
  • Requesting discriminatory information in rental application (e.g., asking about number of children or about the presence of handicap)
  • Discriminatory qualification criteria, applications, or procedures
  • Delay tactics to frustrate a person from pursuing rental
  • Steering (channeling minorities to certain parts of a community, building, or floor)
  • Restrictions or different provisions in lease contracts
  • Provision of different levels of services or facilities
  • Eviction on the basis of a protected class
  • Discriminatory notices or statements
  • Sexual harassment
Posted by ralph
January 19, 2021

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