When requesting information from a contractor’s reference, use the following questions to solicit comments that will provide you with an idea of the contractor’s business ethics and attitude toward customers.

Do they follow through on promises or do they overpromise and under deliver?

How quickly do they respond to problems and changes? Do they deliver on time?

What is the attitude of contractor’s employees towards problems? Toward the property? Toward residents?

If problems occurred, did the contractor resolve them to your satisfaction?

If warranty work needed to be performed, did the contractor respond in a timely fashion and to your satisfaction?

Would you hire this contractor again? Why or why not?

How much of the work was performed by the contractor’s employees and how much by subcontractors?

Do they pay their subcontractors and supply houses in timely manner?

Do they have adequate support staff for supervisors to monitor the work?

Posted by ralph
January 19, 2021

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