Decide a minimum dollar threshold before requesting bids

Give all bidders equal consideration

Neither management not staff will accept personal gifts or gratuities from current or potential bidders

All bidders will be kept confidential

Bids must meet bid requirements

Bids must respond to and meet all specification

Bids must be submitted during the specified time limit

Bids must be complete and signed

The company will issue a contract or purchase order before a contractor may begin work or provide a service or product

A performance bond, provided by the contractor, may be required for all contracts in excess of a fixed amount. The performance security required may depend on the type of bid and dollar amount of contract. Types of bid securities include surety bonds, irrevocable letters of credit, and cashier’s checks or officer’s certified checks.

Contractors are required to have a Certificates of Insurance for general liability, automobile coverage, and workers’ compensation

Contractor will be notified by telephone or letter about bid acceptance

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January 19, 2021

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