Podcast Series 5: Attraction

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Podcast Series 5: Attraction
I'm back y'all. Cordell. Davenport, small apartment investors.com. Preaching mindset plus skill set plus performance equals results, check out the website, small apartment advances.com, get your free report, have your family live in expenses to be covered by a small apartment that you own. And as I mentioned and I continue to say. 

Everything starts with mindset is a foundation of all personal growth and there is a weave that consists of thoughts goals self-discipline. Self-talk affirmations and about dress some of those previously. And in this one they talk about mindset, I'm going to continue to talk about thoughts, but also talk about affirmations and how they can help. 

To help you accomplish your goals. And so when it comes to self-talk it changes thoughts, and as I mentioned to you all earlier that thoughts are things thoughts are very important. And thoughts change beliefs beliefs change attitudes added to the change at actions. And actions will change the future now if you want to break the cycle of negative thoughts you have to repeat the positive statements, these are called affirmations statements of the reality that you want to create as if it's already true, although it hasn't happened they can help you erase fears change attitudes focus on what you want for yourself make beliefs create focus, create confidence. 

And to use affirmations you have to speak in the present tense and describe what you want as if it's already accomplished let's say that you're afraid of heights and don't want to be afraid so make an affirmation. I'm enjoying being high up. I love these views although you may not feel that way you can trick yourself into believing the commands that you give yourself and acting as if it's true. 

Now when you hold yourself back. Aren't you acting as if you believe your fears to be true over time the affirmations you tell yourself will become just as powerful as the old negative statements now to reiterate these positive statements should be in the present tense as though they have already happened they've already been accomplished but using affirmations say what you want not what you don't want don't say. 

All right. I will not lose my temper say I am relaxed calm impatient don't say I won't break my diet say I prefer nutritious foods, don't say I'm getting fit do say I am fit. Now let's say that you have found out that your car is in the shop and these major repairs you you say I can't pay for this. 

Why me? How do I get to work? This think it makes you feel upset that kind of thing it doesn't provide a solution to get the situation focus on how to make it better. Focus on what you want now what you don't want change around something like I'm grateful that I have this card. 

It has provided me with good transportation in the past and now I know my car is gonna be a shop. I'll be a little time. I can always get a ride from a coworker and pay them. Now, you notice how you change your feelings to a change what you say to yourself. 

Negative so talk great limits us if you are constantly saying to yourself, I'm not smart. I won't ever amount too much. You probably won't try to learn a new skill that's because learning the skill doesn't fit in with what you're telling yourself. Thus become a prisoner of your own beliefs. 

Nothing has changed when you first change your self-talk except the signals you sent to your brain which caused you to feel a certain way, but this simple change has huge impacts remember the minds of cockpit in the airplane your mind controls the body. Tell me someone you hate your job cannot help your job by telling yourself you are unhappy with your job, you are most likely will not like it if you want to change certain behaviors, sometimes the trick is to say exact opposite of what you feel but what you currently do. 

If you're always late say to yourself, I'm always on time. I'm always on time. If you want to quit smoking don't say I have to stop smoking say I no longer enjoy smoking smoking is disgusting. If you want to stop procrastinating focus on the benefits, you can achieve I enjoy getting things done on time. 

So those little samples that I just relate to you. Has nothing to do with buying and managing small departments, but they're transferable skills. That you can utilize and sometimes you may have to get a depend a paper or write yourself an email and create things. So if you have a certain goal that you want to achieve whatever it is. 

Right affirmation, look at those affirmations read them out loud that can help. It's helped me. Once again go to my website small apartment vessels.com, get your free report, have your family live in expenses covered by small apartments you own. See you later. On the next one. I look forward to still talk to you about mindset.

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