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Time 6-7 pm August 31 2020

A Lot of People Have This Resource, But Never Discover the Possibilities to Expedite Their Retirement.

Many people desire to own apartments to provide income for their retirement.  At the same time, many struggle to come up with the financing to purchase an apartment building.  If you want to know a secret weapon very, very few people know about you need to attend our exciting webinar.

Join Small Apartment Investors for an exciting meeting where you'll learn how to legally tap into your retirement funds to invest in alternative assets like realestate. Vice President, Rachel Nabers, will present on the Solo 401k, Checkbook IRA and other self-directed retirement plans. With the Solo 401k and Checkbook IRA, you are in complete control which means you get to decide where and how to invest your retirement funds.

If you've considered investing retirement funds outside of Wall St, this meet-up will give you actionable information to get your retirement funds in your direct control. If you are already a seasoned real estate investor, this meet-up will give you even more tools to leverage your expertise by growing your real estate gains tax-deferred or tax-free.

Register now this event has a capacity is the first 500 people.

When: August 31st 6 PM-7 PM Pacific Standard Time.
Where: Your computer.

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It is true, you don’t know what you don’t know. That is why you need to see this webinar. Use this knowledge to create wisdom. Come learn, grow, and take charge!

Cordell Davenport – Founder Small Apartment Investors

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