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Don’t make excuses when it comes to achieving your goals with owning Small Apartments.

Podcast Small Apartment Investors
The Small Apartment Investors Show
Don’t make excuses when it comes to achieving your goals with owning Small Apartments.

Cordell here with the very first podcast for small apartment investors and I’m going to do things differently.  There are a lot of people on the hunt trying to find the same people, I shouldn’t say the same people but different people every time they do a podcast.  It is always an interview,  a Q&A which is good. I’ve learned a whole lot that way.

When it comes to multifamily Apartments a lot of the time these are syndicators that are talking to people about their business and how they do their business,  I’m not knocking it. I’ve learned a lot through that.  But my approach is different. I don’t want to be an indicator and I don’t want to invest in a syndication.  My goal is to hold small apartments and my goal is to find people who speak the same language as I do.  That has the same goals as I do.

My thing is I’m going to introduce four different people and I have the same people talk so once a month I’m going to have a CPA once a month my real estate attorney once a month will have a property management company and once you might want to have a mortgage broker that talks about buying a managing small apartments.

First I want to talk about mindset self improvement and it is very important that you and I develop those skills and so everything starts to self improvement mindset and I have this Mantra that I always preach mindset + skill set + performance = results.

On my website small apartment investors.com I have a free report that took a lot of work to make.   It’s called have your family living expenses covered by small apartments you own.

So this very first video recording I have decided to talk about complaining.   When you or I or someone you come across, complains.  Now when it comes to complaining about events and your life you complain and you don’t put forth any action you will make no progress.   The thing is you want to say don’t blame it own it.  Until you accept responsibility and take charge of your life nothing is going to change.  A lot of people like to have this,  become this type of person,  have good qualities, look a certain way and although they may know what they have to do to achieve certain goals they have the excusitis syndrome.  They say someday, I’ll someday get this someday,  the truth is the road someday,  will lead to the town of nowhere.

Of course, responding differently means you must give up blaming the event itself. At times when something doesn’t work, we blame what happened rather than our reaction to it.

When you don’t take responsibility and make excuses, you:

  • Procrastinate
  • React rather than be proactive
  • Blame others
  • Justify your actions or lack of actions
  • Not act humble

Once you begin responding decisively to signals and events as they occur, life becomes much easier. The feelings of hopelessness and lack of control go away. You start seeing differently. No longer do you say to yourself:

“I feel like a victim.” “I feel used.”

“Only bad things happen to me.”

Rather now you say:

“I feel better.” “I’m in control.”

“I can make things happen.”


You need to accept the fact that you are the one who has created the way things are. You took the actions, you thought the thoughts, you created the feelings and you made the choices that got you to where you are now.


What are your favorite excuses for not making the changes you know are necessary if you want to achieve your goals? The starting point of personal liberation is for you to accept complete responsibility for who you are and for everything that you become. You can never give responsibility away. The only thing that you can giveaway is control.

so what are you going to do once again check out small of her you bastard, and I’ll come back later some more videos okay y’all go get it

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