Apartment Investing Videos

Why Invest In Apartments?

Don't Take The Stock Market Bus. Instead, Drive Yourself To Cash Flow and Tax Write Offs With Apartments.

Top 5 Ratios You Should Know When Buying Apartments

How To Buy Small Apartments With Joint Ventures: Featuring Real Estate Attorney John Gutierrez.

Due Diligence Process When Buying Small Apartments. Featuring Francis Fernando and Cordell Davenport

Understanding The Value Of A Small Apartment Building Featuring Ed Craine & Cordell Davenport

2 Minute Assessment When Buying Apartments

Net Operating Income (NOI) The Most Important Thing You Should Know Concerning Apartment Investing

11 Ways To Increase The Net Operating Income (NOI) With Your Small Apartment Building.

Estimating the Value of a Small Apartment Building Using Capitalization Rate (Cap Rate).

Know Where To Tap To Increase the NOI For Your Apartment Building

How To Use Cash On Cash Return To Analyze an Small Apartment Investment

How To Analyze An Apartment Investment Using Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

7 Pillars Using 1031 Exchange To Purchase Apartments

Apartment Investing Financial Analysis

7 Costly Mistake Apartment Owners Make!

Top Considerations When Hiring Property Management

How To Screen Your Future Tenants Of Your Small Apartment Building To Avoid Problems.

How Banks Rule!

Managing Real Estate Construction Projects Part 1

Managing Real Estate Construction Projects Part 2

Managing Real Estate Construction Projects Part 3

What Is The Importance Of Annual Safety & Maintenance Inspections?

Ways To Establish Proof Of Maintenance & Repairs At Your Small Apartment Building

How To Stay On Top Of Your Safety & Maintenance Of Your Small Apartment Building?

How To Make Sure Your Small Apartment Building Is Safe

How To Handle Repair Requests With Your Small Apartment Building

Cordell Davenport's Intentions With Small Apartment Investors

Small Apartment Inspector-Mobile App That Does Maintenance and Inspections

What is Annual Debt Service For Small Apartments

Property Management Reports To Owners

Formula For Understanding Cashflow For Small Apartments

Understanding The Value Of A Small Apartment Building Featuring Ed Craine & Cordell Davenport

Small Apartment Inspector Is A Maintenance & Inspection Mobile App For Apartments 50 Units & Less

Due Diligence Process When Buying Small Apartments. Featuring Francis Fernando and Cordell Davenport

Identify Obstacles & Opportunities When Viewing The T12 For
Buying/Selling Small Apartments

Small Apartment Owners & Managers Can Operate More Effectively. Don't Get Sucker Punched By Expenses

Understanding Commercial Real Estate Contracts and Letter of Intents with John Gutierrez and Cordell Davenport

Adding Value To Your Small Apartment Through Proper Maintenance.

Having a Grip on Maintenance Is Essential to Your Success for Managing Small Apartments.

Make Ready Process from When Tenants Move Out of Small Apartments.

Things to Know About Working With Licensed Contractors That Does Work On Your Small Apartment.

Using Vendors for Maintaining Your Small Apartment Operations.

What Should You Do for Small Apartment Exterior Maintenance Inspections?

What Should You Do To Help Spot Maintenance Trends For Your Small Apartment?

What Should You Include In Your Small Apartment Tenant Maintenance Request Form?

What To Include In Your Small Apartment Preventative Maintenance System.

Why Preventative Maintenance Is Important Managing Small Apartments.

Discover Your Why and Choose Cashflow Apartments

Small Apartment owner tip…Don’t pay contractors in full until the job is done.

Small Apartment owner tip…Keep organized financial records.

Small Apartment owner tip…Have a plan for resident retention.

Small Apartment owner tip…Get sufficient insurance.

Small Apartment owner tip…Always buy for cashflow not appreciation

Small Apartment owner tip…Have systems for everything.

Small Apartment owner tip…Put your property in a LLC

Small Apartment owner tip…Keep your property management on point.

Small Apartment owner tip…Thoroughly screen each potential tenant before they move in.

Small Apartment owner tip…Don’t spend to much money and time rehabbing.

Small Apartment owner tip…Inspect every unit before closing.